About Us  
  P&P GROUP, CORP. a Logistics Company, has been providing superior personalized service for over twenty two years. The companys traditional market has always been Latin America, but throughout the years, we have developed strategic partnerships allowing us to offer global transportation solutions for all of our customers.  

We maintain a lean management structure. Owner is available at the office and behind the phone for everyone of our customers. No bureaucracy which allows us to offer efficient, fast, and intelligent decisions.

General Cargo, Industrial Gases, Heavy Machinery, Computer Materials, Electronic Components, Broadcasting Equipment, Fast Food Restaurant and Factory Equipment, and Supplies, we handle it all, properly and following the regulations in each scenario. Throughout our long history, we have served Multi National Firms, have transported equipment for famous singers through their tours, and helped in the opening of American Franchises in Latin America by getting all the goods to destination. We have grown and see our customers grow next to us. Each client is treated as a family member. Their volume is not what measures the quaility of our followers, but their good faith and values to handle business.

We are fully committed to our customers, therefore resulting in long term serious relationships, future growth, and stability. P&P Group, Corp., founded by Gaspar and Maria Eugenia Garces has proudly been of support to different charities on a continuous basis. We do not own a trademark of a specific product. P&P does offer the best, fastest, and most personalized service of the Transportation and Logistics Industry. That is our specialty and one best product, Service.



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